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  1. I notice the speed control circuit that you’ve posted is the one from Heiserman’s book rather than Tod’s – it is of course the same circuit, but Tod modified it for 12V motors and 30A peak current whereas Hesierman’s original circuit was intended for 6V motors and 10A peak current. Alas, I digress – the purpose of my comment is relating to the drive motors. Most of the pertinent data is in the Interface Age article, but I was wondering if perhaps you might know the rated RPM of the motorized wheels at 100% duty cycle 12V? I want to build a few replacement motorized wheels and I’d like to spec them as closely as possible to the originals. Should you be able to provide the RPM figure, I would be grateful. Otherwise, perhaps you could obtain a close estimate of travel speed in feet or inches per second (from which I could calculate a rough estimate). Many Thanks for any assistance.

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