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  1. Hi – this is Tod Loofbourrow. Great to see you got so far on a Microtron. Amazing to see how many of these got built. 20,000 of those books made it to hobbyists bookshelves, and I’m always excited to hear stories of people who got so far along. Continued luck in your exploration of AI, and may your work inspire the next generation of dreamers and tinkerers…


  2. I’ve decided to engineer replacements for the TM20K370 and TM21K460 Motorized Wheels that Herbach & Rademan used to sell. Basically, at 12V, the wheels (4.5″ in diameter) would move at walking speed. Since the RPM isn’t known, I estimate no more than two feet per second. The startup and stall current was 8 AMPS and the stall torque was a pulling force of 20 pounds. This is all of the info that I have regarding those wheels. I am actively searching for old H&R catalogs to try to glean more specs. The project will be completely open source and currently resides here: https://github.com/TheLittleEngineers/The-Little-Engineers-Replacement-Designs-For-The-TM20K370-and-TM21K460-Motorized-Wheels – it should be noted that if you are building from scratch and will be using different wheels, there is likely no need to build the triangle sections. Simply cutting an 8-sided polygon (use the dimensions provided for the impact sensors to arrive at the length of the sides) and mounting wheels to it should suffice. Rather than the ribbon switches, use five 12x12x7 tact switches with keycaps to construct the impact sensors.

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